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Mediation is used by most courts to help resolve issues that arise during a divorce.  It is most likely that during this time you, the opposing party and the attorneys will discuss issues such as  custody, support, visitation and distribution  of property. 

Susan is a gifted mediator and while quiet spoken she knows how to win.

Need a Divorce Attorney that is approachable and compassionate ?

At the law firm of Susan Donner, I work hard to be approachable. Divorce work can be contentious, but I emphasize the compassionate side of divorce representation. I care about the emotional impact of divorce and work with my clients to bring about a result that is in the best interests of their family and the relationship with their children. Separation and Divorce are emotionally draining, especially when children are involved and Custody and Support issues arise.  The decisions you make at this time can have long-term effects on our emotional and financial well-being. At such a time, you need compassionate and competent advice to protect your legal and financial rights.With the law office of Susan Donner, in Hampton Roads, Virginia, I represent men and women in divorce and separation matters and all of the issues that subsequently arise.